PAYCE Foundation supporting those most in need.

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PAYCE Foundation support community through charitable donations and sposorship programs that supports Schools, Charities and Hospitals.

Community is a large part of the passion PAYCE have as a company. PAYCE believes in empowering the individuals, organisations and communities who support societies most vulnerable.

Through a balance of collaboration and integrity PAYCE Foundation seeks to empower those innovative individuals motivated to tackle societies most pressing social issues. We work with charities and individuals with specialist social skills and knowledge of social work and social group carers to implement best practice, providing the best solutions for those they care for.

Disadvantage and misfortune should not limit anyone’s potential and should not determinan the quality of life of an individual.

PAYCE works with the problems of Addiction, through prevention, rehabilitation and community participation for people who have an addiction. Domestic And Family Violence, where we seek to improve health and positive family relationships. Mental Health And Disability by improving the capacity of choice for individuals with a mental illness or disability. Children, Youth and Families where we try to create opportunities for children and young people to achieve their individual potential.Homelessness and Social Isolation where we try to improve health and positive family relationships of the most vulnerable members of society.

Our Responsibility to Society, the Environment and our Investors

As one of Sydney`s premier developers of quality luxury Apartments in and around Sydney NSW inner city and CBD. Brian Boyd said people do not just want to buy an apartment - they want a lifestyle.

People don`t just want a home – they want to be part of an integrated community with all the services right on their doorstop". Our projects are about urban renewal, revitalisation and delivering a new, vibrant lifestyle close to where people live. If residents can live, shop, play and relax within the one precinct then that is an attractive proposition."

Brian Boyd said increasingly young people were demanding that lifestyle, but with improved design they can comfortably accommodate small families. "Great apartments in the right location, easy to manage, no big garden to worry about, but at the same time you can access services close by. Today people don`t want to have to hop in the car to do their shopping, eat out or be entertained and this is what Victoria Park is offering – great apartment living right on your doorstep and not far from the heart of Sydney and its wonderful harbour," Brian Boyd said.

Brian Boyd said the outlook was positive for a good mix of buyers in the market from investors, first home buyers and people looking to downsize.

Commercial and Residential Developers in Sydney

PAYCE Consolidated Pty Limited Managing Director Brian Boyd believes - "After 35 years in the building and property development industries, you learn a lot along the way – we understand that you constantly need to set new standards".

High work standards and experienced design lead to High Quality projects where communities grow

"When you assemble the best team in the business, drawing on best practice design principles, critical thinking and true innovation you can turn an industrial site into a special place to live. In line with PAYCE design concepts, the apartment buildings will be of a superior standard and surrounded by green areas and parklands.

Our Concept of COMMUNITY

As one of Sydney`s premier developers of quality luxury Apartments in and around inner Sydney and City CBD. Brian Boyd has made the observations that - "People don`t just want a home – they want to be part of an integrated community where all the services they need are right on their doorstop".

"Sydney is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown when it comes to city and beachside living and I think you will continue to see strong demand for apartments in the inner ring, there is great demand to live beachside in Sydney, but there are also a lot of people who are keen to acquire a home closer to the city".

"You don`t have to live right on Sydney Harbour to enjoy a great quality of life or outdoor lifestyle. We saw a great opportunity in the inner ring of Sydney as land became available and we thought that we can really showcase what a good urban renewal can achieve," Brian Boyd noted.

Modern Family accomodation at Washington Park community

"We are in the first stages of building a new community at Washington Park". What is being offered at Washington Park is a great lifestyle at an affordable price," he said.

"Similar to other housing estates of the era, the Riverwood Estate design was based on Radburnian design principles which limited site connections, created ambiguity regarding private and public spaces and led to poor social outcomes".

"What we have in its place are units which are fully functional, brilliantly designed and there is no distinction between private and public tenants". "Separation is old-fashioned," noted Mr Boyd, "integrated communities are the future".

The Washington Park development at Riverwood is now attracting strong interest from private buyers and investors. The Public Private Parternship development is setting a new benchmark in urban renewal, said Brian Boyd. We are rather proud of the Developments at Washington Park in Riverwood, he remarked, "I think this project clearly demonstrates what can be achieved under the Public Private Partnership model."

"I think the Apartment projects we are involved in at Victoria Park heralds a new era in community estate planning", noted Mr boyd. Victoria Park presents a range of select commercial opportunities very close to the Apex luxury apartments and Platinum apartments in the East Village retail precinct.


PAYCE has a long history of supporting charities, working with vulnerable individuals and communities. In 2016, this work was formalised with the establishment of the PAYCE Foundation.

Its charter is to empower charities to help more people live a fulfilling life. PAYCE Foundation supports charities working to find solutions to some of society’s most pressing social problems, including addiction, domestic and family violence, mental health and disability, homelessness and social isolation.


New bus to keep church community connected

New bus to keep church community connected

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Street Sleeping Collaboration Delivers for the Homeless

Street Sleeping Collaboration Delivers for the Homeless

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Adele House making its mark one year on

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