Mr Brian Boyd, developer of apartments in Sydney, comments on the possibility of a building industry-driven COVID-19 recovery in Australia.

  • PAYCE Head Office, Sydney NSW. PAYCE Head Office 2020-06-22

With Australia emerging from the Covid-19 Lockdown, Mr Brian Boyd, Managing Director of PAYCE comments on the ability of the building industry to help lead the recovery with job opportunities.

“PAYCE are ready and willing to play a strong role in creating employment for the many Australians affected by COVID-19," Brian Boyd offered.

Will the Construction Industry lead the way in the COVID-19 Exit? - Brian Boyd Comments on COVID-19 and the construction industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking an enormous toll on the Australian economy, leaders are creating strategies to guide the country into a positive, staged recovery.

Central to the cause is the stimulation of key industries which are able to create strong employment opportunities for the now millions of unemployed workers in Australia.

The Construction Industry is Capable - Brian Boyd

The construction industry is earmarked as one such sector where opportunities exist due to the multiple trades, materials and services required to deliver a single large-scale apartment project.

Melrose Park by PAYCE is a well-defined example where one project has the capability to employ hundreds, if not thousands of workers from a wide variety of sectors.

PAYCE Managing Director, Brian Boyd, is one of Australia's most experienced urban property developers and believes the construction industry has every potential to help lead the economic recovery in Australia. "The construction industry is capable," Mr. Boyd said. "We have proven many times to be an industry which provides high employment levels across the myriad associated sectors we rely on," Brian Boyd continued. "Every new project, be it the large-scale PAYCE Melrose Park apartments in Sydney or a small block development in the Eastern suburbs, contributes greatly to employment in NSW," Brian Boyd added.

Infrastructure, Housing and Public Transport Projects can be Effective Employment Drivers - Brian Boyd

The Federal Government is reacting quickly to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation, taking cues from expert evaluation both here and abroad. With an aim of forming policy according to the strongest employment growth zones, the areas of infrastructure, housing and public transport projects stand to be high priorities.

"Projects which stimulate employment and create a positive social outcome are paramount," Brian Boyd said. "PAYCE projects are designed to deliver to our apartment residents a balance of ecologically sound living, social cohesion, green space corridors and integrated retail hubs, all surrounded by public transport nodes," Mr. Boyd continued.

Industry groups are backing the initiative and further developments will be released to the public soon.

Melrose Park North – The Apartment Development Project in Sydney Completed on Schedule – Brian Boyd

The release of the Melrose Park North apartment development project in Sydney has stimulated strong off the plan apartment sales.

PAYCE Managing Director Brian Boyd acknowledges the project, consisting of apartments and commercial precincts, to be cutting edge through the bold architecture designs undertaken.

. "As a developer of apartments in Sydney, PAYCE has always strived to deliver exciting architectural solutions where liveability and positive lifestyle elements are key," Brian Boyd said. Melrose Park North is nearing completion and is striking in its architectural style.

Melrose One – The Award-Winning PAYCE Apartment Project in Sydney – Brian Boyd

The Allen Jack + Cottier (AJ+C) designed buildings of Melrose One won gold in the Architecture, Proposed Large Site category of the Sydney Design Awards.

. The project is now in full development with apartments and commercial areas under construction or indeed finished.

"The Melrose One project is progressing at speed with the aim of delivering completed apartments on time," Brian Boyd offered. "The project has progressed perfectly with all aspects of the apartment construction well sequenced by the building teams," Brian Boyd added. "Melrose One represents the very best in apartment living in Sydney," Brian Boyd finished.



Founded in 1978, PAYCE has many years of experience in using a process of urban renewal and innovation to design and create communities which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The company has built up a reputation for building apartment developments and commercial precincts which integrate retail, residential and commercial developments within one area, transforming the way people use spaces to interact with the environment and each other. PAYCE is 100% committed to social equity and demonstrates this by providing sponsorship and other resources to industry initiatives, awards and local community groups.

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