Sydney Apartment Developer, Mr Brian Boyd, discusses the issue of Domestic Violence in Australian Society

  • PAYCE Head Office, Sydney NSW. PAYCE Head Office 2020-05-05

With the country under Covid-19 Lockdown, and in light of recent case studies concerning domestic violence, we look into some of the contributing factors as pressure builds in homes around the country: Mr Brian Boyd, Managing Director of PAYCE.

“At PAYCE, we are a Sydney property development company developing many apartments, residential complexes and communities throughout Australia’s major cities”, noted Mr Boyd. Mr Brian Boyd is one of the founding members of PAYCE’s philanthropic arm, the PAYCE Foundation, who recently conducted a series of case studies into domestic violence.

“At PAYCE we are very interested in Australia’s increasing homelessness situation," stated Mr Boyd. Homelessness is not just an Australian issue but has become recognised as a global issue. Statistics show that most major cities in the western world are currently experiencing an increase in rough sleeping. "Current research shows that next to addiction, domestic violence is one of the main contributing factors to homelessness,” continued Mr Boyd.

“Domestic violence has only recently been acknowledged as a major issue within Australian society” - Mr Brian Boyd.

Domestic violence is a very complex issue with many contributing factors that result in unstable family and domestic situations.

In Australia, victims of domestic violence are predominantly women and children who most often experience abuse and violence in their own homes. Studies show the main motivations for domestic violence focus’ around ‘abuses of power and/or control of one person by another’ in order to dominate or instil fear in their victim. Violence is not always physical but can take the form of emotional, verbal, psychological, financial or sexual abuse. Culprits in domestic violence cases are usually someone close to the victim.

Although domestic violence is most common in the Low-income demographics where lower levels of education are prevalent but it is also present in the upper echelons of society where it is frequently less acknowledged. High profile careers come with high levels of daily pressure in both professional and private lives frequently erupting in bouts of domestic violence.

It is not only women who are victims of the anxiety and trauma of domestic or workplace violence. Chronic depression among men stemming from negative and toxic behaviour in the workplace. Community initiatives such as ‘Beyond Blue’ are designed to help to raise awareness of these issues and address the male suicide rate which is at rather disturbing levels in today’s society. These negative behaviour patterns wreak terrible havoc in today’s society leading to many socially damaging outcomes.

Exposure to domestic violence has been linked to a number of negative social outcomes such as suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and substance abuse, homelessness and in extreme cases death.

Mr Brian Boyd and the PAYCE Foundation: case studies into domestic violence

“Long term disadvantage and misfortune can lead to a range of complex individual health and well being issues that can become chronic social problems that contribute significantly to homelessness while also seriously undermining an individuals’ quality of life and the realization of their potential as citizens” said Mr Brian Boyd.

PAYCE have built many apartments and residential complexes in and around Sydney and have been working with the Sutherland Shire on social and community initiatives since 2015. “PAYCE Foundation together with Sutherland Shire Family Services have been working together to facilitate change and promote awareness in the community. One such campaign is the ‘Pull Ya Head in’ video series which encourages men calling each other out when men make derogatory or socially unacceptable comments to or about women,” noted Mr Boyd.

In 2017, the Sutherland Shire Family Services, informed by their experience in the field of counselling and community services and supported by PAYCE Foundation launched a video series called ‘Pull Ya Head In’. Which was aimed at raising community awareness and promoting an understanding of domestic violence and its impact on women, children and families within the community. The video series highlighted, calling attention to the easily hidden though increasing forms of domestic violence such as verbal and emotional abuse as well as extreme financial control. PAYCE Foundation contributed more than $20,000 to the ‘Pull Ya Head In’ campaign covering costs and successfully launching the campaign with Sutherland Shire Family Services.

Sydney Apartment developers encourage awareness of domestic violence in the construction industry – Mr Brian Boyd

“Another campaign designed to mitigate domestic violence is the ‘Toolbox Talks’ which seeks to address male attitudes to women specifically among those employed in the construction industries. PAYCE Foundation and the Sutherland Shire Family Services aim to provide hope for families and strengthen our community” stated Mr Boyd.

‘Toolbox Talks’ is an educational program that aims to change the conversation around domestic and family violence. The ‘Toolbox Talks’ program was put together in 2017 by the Sutherland Shire Family Services in collaboration with PAYCE Foundation. “It is an education program on domestic violence designed for the predominantly male construction industry. It is designed to gradually shift entrenched attitudes towards women by calling attention to certain socially unacceptable behaviour and provide a more acceptable grounding for common attitudes” noted Mr Brian Boyd.

“The ‘Toolbox Talks’ program has been implemented as part of the mandatory induction training for all construction workers employed on construction sites of PAYCE apartment development projects. To date more than 2000 construction workers have moved through the program during its three-year pilot” said Mr Boyd.

Sydney Apartment developers PAYCE contribute support for awareness of domestic violence

Mr Brian Boyd said “Australia is without doubt one of the most diverse and stable cultures in today’s global community," noted Mr Brian Boyd. Australian history is a succession of successful migrations integrated into Australian society. With each new wave of migration it becomes essential to redress what it means to be an Australian.

Australia seeks to be a socially inclusive culture with no racial or religious restrictions on anyone enjoying the freedoms that we, as Australians take for granted. Issues and attitudes that focus on gender have been historically the last ones to change and some of our hardest won freedoms.

Since 2016 PAYCE Foundation have contributed more than $200,000 to a range of programs that address domestic violence and issues contributing to domestic instability in the family home. "This includes support for domestic violence prevention as well post trauma support and counselling for victims," noted Mr Brian Boyd. The PAYCE Foundation also plan to contribute a further $200,000 over the next 2 years in an ongoing bid to curb this socially destructive behaviour.



Founded in 1978, PAYCE has many years of experience in using a process of urban renewal and innovation to design and create communities which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The company has built up a reputation for building apartment developments and commercial precincts which integrate retail, residential and commercial developments within one area, transforming the way people use spaces to interact with the environment and each other. PAYCE is 100% committed to social equity and demonstrates this by providing sponsorship and other resources to industry initiatives, awards and local community groups.

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