Place Leaders Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that Washington Park, Riverwood developed by PAYCE is the recipient of the 2018 Place Leaders Asia Pacific Award for Large Scale Place Project.

The judge’s comments were “This signification urban renewal project is noteworthy as a response to creating a stronger and more inclusive community through integrating social and private housing and emphasising environmental and social sustainability. The Jury noted the Community Renewal Plan in support of the Masterplan and which sets out a clear vision for creating community well-being and the work done with local community groups encouraging residents to be connected, get involved and have a say in Washington Park’s future. The project provides a model PPP which can address the increasing pressures in our cities for both affordability and inclusion.”

The submissions displayed a breadth of approaches to the principles and application of placemaking in Australia. The Jury was pleased to see a number of submissions responding to rural community challenges and opportunities. The best submissions responded closely to the criteria and enabled the Jury to make well-informed decisions as to the quality and impact of the project or process. In making decisions the Jury was looking for high-quality results, community-led and or participatory processes, and either long-term or the potential for long-term influence or impact. A number of projects appeared to have good urban outcomes, but the submissions were insufficiently detailed as to how community involvement (a key place element) was a feature of the project and the way in which sustainable community outcomes might be achieved.

Awards Jury: Kate Brennan, Jury Chair; Ben Hewett, Deputy NSW Government Architect; and Susan Thompson Professor of Planning and Head, City Wellbeing Program at UNSW.