PAYCE Foundation social enterprise Kick Start has thrown its support behind the Property Industry Foundation’s Homeless Youth Fundraiser, Hard Hat Day, donating a day’s takings.

The $2000 raised was matched by the PAYCE Foundation, while Kick Start corporate partners Charter Hall and Frasers Property donated $2000 and $1000 for a total of $7000.

Hard Hat Day is a major fundraiser for the Property Industry Foundation that builds accommodation for homeless youth.

Every night there are 44,000 young Australians left without a safe and secure place to sleep.

Kick Start operates a fleet of mobile food trailers across Sydney which not only feed hungry workers, but also give youth an opportunity to gain experience and qualifications in hospitality.

Both Charter Hall and Frasers Property are Kick Start partners with food trailers located on their sites.

PAYCE Foundation Director Dominic Sullivan said it was a great team fundraising effort.

“Now more than ever young people need support and they all deserve to have a roof over their head and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life,’’ he said.

“I would like thank the Kick Start team, and Charter Hall and Frasers Property for their assistance in raising funds,’’ he said.

“They are wonderful corporate partners who make a significant contribution to the community.’’