Chats for Change is a conversation series promoting social innovation and thought leadership. We want to engage people from all generations, backgrounds and industries in a conversation about our society’s most complex social issues and come up with some ideas on how we can create a world that is inclusive, compassionate and just.


The first instalment, Inspiring Change, focused on the “why”. We invited four Australian social entrepreneurs to share their stories; they talked to us about what inspired them, what led them down the path of social enterprise, and how they got their ideas off the ground. Hear from university student, Caitlin Cauci , what she got out of attending and why you can’t miss the next instalment!

The second instalment of the Chats for Change series: Impact Tales, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth will showcase successful initiatives that are having a positive impact. Our panel of speakers will represent a variety of perspectives; entrepreneurs, employees and direct beneficiary groups and address matters of social impact, sustainability and business strategy.

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