• The Orion Centre, Campsie, Sydney NSW.

Locals and Friends Celebrate Multicultural Diversity

Large crowds come together for the annual Harmony Day in Sydney.

Brian Boyd and PAYCE join busnesses and community groups for Harmony Day

Wednesday 23 March marked a day of cultural diversity to celebrate this year's Harmony Day. Harmony Day, now in its 10th year, is dedicated to inclusiveness in our multicultural communities. This year's event drew hundreds of local families and friends who mixed freely with dignitaries and special guests at the Orion Centre, Campsie.

This well received Canterbury civic event is organised annually by the Canterbury Harmony Group under the guidance group president, Canterbury City Council deputy mayor, Karl Saleh.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Brings Communities Together – Brian Boyd.

Representing sixteen diverse community groups and the Central Sydney South Regional Participation Service, The Canterbury Harmony Group strive to create an atmosphere of community at this special event each year. In addition, a variety of celebratory activities were held within local schools and cultural organisations.

Harmony Day has now become an international event, which coincides with the United Nations Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day.

Brian Boyd and PAYCE Celebrate 5 Years of Corporate Sponsorship of Harmony Day

Australian property development company, PAYCE has participated in Harmony Day as a corporate sponsor for the past five years.

Brian Boyd, PAYCE Managing Director said it was again a privilege and a pleasure to be affiliated with this annual community and cultural event and stressed the importance of positive diversity in the community.

"PAYCE believes that all communities need to be connected, integrated and inclusive in order to live in harmony and that is an important objective when planning our urban renewal projects," Brian Boyd said.

"We also believe in a strong community of interacting people, who show concern for each other's welfare and health and where they feel free and happy to participate in the social activities of community life.

"A wonderful example of this and widely considered a model for future developments is right here within the city of Canterbury," Mr. Boyd enthused.

Acknowledgement of Country a Great Opening to the Celebrations – Brian Boyd

An Acknowledgement of Country by Mr Ivor Rigney opened the Canterbury celebrations. Once underway, students from St Joseph's Public School led the enthusiastic crowds with the singing of the National Anthem.

Cr Saleh and Mrs Reecha Dhita-Bahini were on hand to welcome the special guests, who included federal member for Watson, the Hon Tony Burke; Canterbury City Council mayor, Cr Brian Robson; state member for Lakemba, Jihad Dib; member of the Legislative Council, the Hon Sophie Cotsis; and Commander Michael McLean, Campsie Local Area Police.

Cr Robson, the mayor of Canterbury, spoke of the diversity of cultures in the area, stating that 157 countries and cultures are represented across the Canterbury region. Further, he has in his tenure personally had the pleasure of signing residency certificates for people from over 130 countries.

Cr Saleh and the Hon Tony Burke presented numerous awards for community service and for promoting cultural tolerance.

PAYCE-sponsored Riverwood Community Choir in Fine Voice – Brian Boyd

A joyous day of colourful entertainment was contributed by varying cultural groups which included the recently-formed PAYCE-sponsored Riverwood Community Choir who were in fine voice. The Vietnamese Dancing Group and Riverwood Chinese Dancing Group also starred at the event, keping the audience on their feet with appreciation throughout the day.

Brian Boyd and PAYCE Join Businesses and Volunteers to Bring Support to Harmony Day

Supporters on the day included Canterbury City Council, Riverwood Community Centre, PAYCE, NSW Family and Community Services, Arab Bank Australia, local schools, businesses and volunteers from local community groups. The 2016 event heralded another year of positive community celebration with an increased level of support.

The local schools presented a number of dance routines spanning Polynesia, the Middle East and India. The Schoolgirls from Wiley Park High School performed traditional Islamic dances, while the boys performed a rowdy and spirited Haka.

Brian Boyd and PAYCE Proud to be Associated with this Global Event

"PAYCE is very proud of what has been achieved over the past five years through its partnership with the local Canterbury community and its award-winning Washington Park project at North Riverwood," Brian Boyd said.

"Throughout the years, PAYCE has supported a range of highly successful social functions and projects that focus on the promotion of community spirit and we are pleased to play a small role in facilitating and supporting what are essentially community-driven initiatives, Mr. Boyd forwarded.

"It has been both exciting and rewarding to see how the community spirit has been lifted by empowering them to realise their potential," Brian Boyd stated.

Dominic Sullivan Congratulates Contributing Groups and Council on an Outstanding Event

PAYCE General Manager Dominic Sullivan congratulated Cr Karl Saleh and the local cultural groups for their outstanding contributions to the Harmony Day event.

Mr Sullivan said the day had particular significance to PAYCE as his company is committed to creating cohesive communities that are inclusive and respectful of their neighbours.

"To live in harmony, communities must play a leading role and Harmony Day reminds us each year what is achievable when people of different cultures and from all walks of life embrace the concept of a connected, harmonious community," Dominic Sullivan said.


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