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F1 racers from Engadine High School win top awards at National Titles

Year 10 boys win 3 Awards for Energy Efficiency, Manufacturing and Speed.

The Engadine High School FAST PAYCE RACING team took part in the national titles of the F1 Schools Technology Challenge last week, winning three awards and finishing as national championship runners-up.


The PAYCE sponsored team, made up of Team Manager Blake Williams, Resources and Research Manager Lukas Foyle, Design Engineer James Mitreski, and Graphics Designer Sean Sultana, won both regional and state finals to qualify for the national titles.

Award wins at the F1 in Schools National Titles

Alongside awards for the Most Energy Efficient Car and Best Manufactured Car, the team were winners of the perpetual trophy for the fastest time of any team taking part in the national titles. The team also reached the final rounds in the Best Computer-Aided Design, Best Engineered Car and Best Team Management categories.

Although until now the team had competed in the Junior Pro class, the national championships see both Junior and Senior Professional classes compete against one another.

What a team of Fantastic Young People – Mr Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd, PAYCE Managing Director, offered his congratulations to the team, saying it was a great privilege to work with such fantastic young people.

"We have enjoyed following the boys through the regional finals, the state finals, all the way to last week's national titles where they performed so well.

"The boys are a credit to their parents and their school. I have been really impressed by their dedication and teamwork and I wish them all the best for the future," said Mr Boyd.

FAST PAYCE RACING - An Outstanding Performance

Team mentor and teacher, Ray Treloar,, said the Year 10 pupils had given an outstanding performance this season and it had been an honour to mentor them.

"Without wanting to take anything away from the newly crowned champions, our Year 10 boys were really competitive in every category when up against the boys from Year 12, and to end the season with the runner-up trophy and these awards was a fantastic reward for all the hard work the boys have put in this season.

"We'd like to thank our school, parents and sponsors who have supported us throughout the season, especially PAYCE who supported us this season, as they did last year".

Mr Treloar went on to add that PAYCE had provided more than just financial assistance, saying the company's hands-on approach had helped the team morally and intellectually.

"The competition relies heavily on support from the business sector, and we were fortunate to have PAYCE as part of our team," he said.


Dominic Sullivan, PAYCE General Manager, also sent congratulations to the team for their great national titles success.

"To end the season with three awards, including the title for fastest car of any of the competing teams, was a great result", he said.

"The team were competing against some teams in higher years, so to finish overall runners-up was a massive victory that the team can be extremely proud of."

Supporting Learning and Teamwork, Technology and Engineering – Mr Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd said it was a privilege to take part in an international competition that helps to promote learning in areas such as technology, applied sciences, and engineering.

"It has been great to see the team move from Development Class into Junior Professional and then reach the national titles," he said.

"Congratulations to Joanne Jarvis, school principal; mentor Ray Treloar; the teams families and the wider school for all their support."

The F1 in Schools Challenge

The F1 in Schools Technology Challenge is open to high school students from 35 nations around the world. As part of the competition, teams must design and build an F1 racing car from a block of balsa wood, using a 3D printer to manufacture wings and spoilers for the car. The cars are powered by CO2 gas and are able to reach a maximum speed of 80 kilometres an hour.

Engadine High School took part in the 2012, and 2013 World Titles, held in Abu Dhabi and Texas, where they placed fourth and fifth respectively in competition with 40 other teams from around the globe.


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