• Riverwood community, Sydney NSW.

PAYCE donates 500 mature trees and plants to Riverwood schools and local community gardens

As the Final stage of the Riverwood private and social residential apartment project commences, more than 400 mature plants and 100 established trees were transplanted from the PAYCE development at the Washington Park residential project gardens to the grounds of the Riverwood and Hannans Road Public School and Community gardens.

The trees and plants were donated by development and investment company, PAYCE from around its display and sales centre which is to be demolished shortly to allow construction of the final stage of the project, comprising a mix of social and private apartments, as well as a new Riverwood Community Library and Senior Citizens' Centre.

Volunteers come to the fore

A band of 40 enthusiastic volunteers successfully relocated over 500 plants and mature trees today to local schools and community gardens from the Washington Park residential project site in North Riverwood, noted Mr Brian Boyd.

The volunteers from Riverwood Public School and Hannans Road Public School, local residents, St George Community Housing and PAYCE staff rolled up their sleeves and spent the day helping to carefully prepare the plants for transportation, then re-planting them in their new locations under the guidance of a professional landscaper.

Free refreshments and lunch were provided to the volunteers by the Kickstart Café, a social enterprise sponsored by PAYCE to provide local youths with on-the-job experience and training in hospitality, added Mr Boyd.

Mr Brian Boyd – community gardens, a space to celebrate

PAYCE's Managing Director, Brian Boyd said it was a pleasure to present the trees and plants to the schools and the community groups in Riverwood where they will continue to be appreciated and looked after.

"PAYCE has had a presence in Riverwood now for over three years with its Washington Park project and we value our continued association with the local schools and the many community groups," said Mr Boyd.

"On a recent visit to Washington Park I had the pleasure of meeting some delightful residents and I also dropped in to Riverwood Public School to meet up with Rob Borg, the principal," said Brian Boyd.

"The schools and the local community take great pride in their neighbourhood and gardens and participate in the many festivities that take place year round in the area.

"I hope the plants will bring a lot of pleasure to each school for many years to come and to the residents who devote lots of their time to tending the plots in the community gardens," Mr Boyd said.

Mr Dominic Sullivan – hundreds of beautiful established plant specimens ...

PAYCE's General Manager, Dominic Sullivan said the trees included six mature magnolias worth in excess of $1000 each and American sweetgums, also known as liquidambars.

"Among the hundreds of plants are beautiful specimens of large periwinkle, flax, Indian hawthorn, gardenias, native lilac and golden duranta," he Mr Dominic Sullivan.

"Most of the plants had been at Washington Park for up to three years and had received regular care and attention as part of the landscaping maintenance of the grounds.

"Both schools received around 200 plants and some trees, with the balance donated to the Riverwood community garden and the raised gardens on the podium between the two social housing blocks on site," Mr Sullivan said.

Principals appreciate volunteer`s efforts

Riverwood Public School principal, Rob Borg said the plants would help beautify the school grounds.

"The new plantings at the front of the school, in particular, will be a valuable asset and enhance the main entrance to the school," he said.

"The school community and our grounds assistant appreciate PAYCE's generous gesture and we thank everyone for their combined efforts on the day."

Hannans Road Public School's principal, Dan Sprange also thanked PAYCE and the band of volunteers for their time and hard work.

"The school community was very excited to receive such a wonderful selection of trees and plants as they have made a huge difference to the appearance of the grounds," Mr Sprange said.


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