Engadine High's F1 racers pick up last minute tips for National Titles

The FAST PAYCE RACING team recently visited the workshops of former Australian GT and Tourist Trophy champion and Porsche Carrera Cup competitor, David Wall in Bringelly to learn more about aerodynamics and race car preparation.

The visit to David Wall Racing's workshop was arranged by property developer and investment company PAYCE, who have been sponsors of the Engadine High School team for the past two years.


The PAYCE sponsored team of Blake Williams (Team Manager), Lukas Foyle (Resources and Research Manager), James Mitreski (Design Engineer) and Sean Sultana (Graphics Designer) qualified for the national titles after winning the state finals last November. The winner of the National Titles travels to Austin in Texas later in the year for the World Titles.

State champions in the F1 in Schools Junior Professional Class, the FAST PAYCE RACING team from Engadine High School were pleased to be invited to a leading motorsport team's workshop recently where they picked up some last minute pointers as they prepare for the national titles in Penrith at the end of the month.

The team's mentor, teacher Ray Treloar, said the boys were thrilled to chat to David and be taken for a tour of the workshops.

"The visit was invaluable and they spent several hours in discussions with David and his crew," he said.

Brian Boyd – congratulations to the FAST PAYCE RACING support team

PAYCE Managing Director, Mr Brian Boyd said it was a privilege to be part of an international competition that promotes teamwork and quality learning in the fields of technology and applied sciences.

"This is the second year that PAYCE have sponsored a team from the school and it has been very rewarding to see their successful graduation from the Development Class into the Junior Professional Class," said Mr Boyd.

"As is often the case, there is a band of support behind most successes, and congratulations to the school principal, Joanne Jarvis; teacher Ray Treloar; the families and the school community for their encouragement."

"We wish the team and the school every success at the coming national titles and we will be following their progress very closely through the days of competition," Mr Boyd said.

Industry Collaboration is a vital contribution to the team effort

"Industry collaboration is an important component of the competition and teams are awarded points for their interaction with industry bodies as part of the judging criteria," Mr Treloar said.

Mr Treloar said PAYCE had provided the team with moral, intellectual and financial assistance and the team were highly appreciative of the company's continued hands-on support and interest.

"The competition relies heavily on support from the business sector and we are fortunate to have PAYCE as part of our team."

FAST PAYCE RACING set sights on track record

Since winning the state championship, the FAST PAYCE RACING team has been busy refining the design of their car and their presentation material in readiness for the national titles. Under the national title rules, teams have to present a new design and fresh material or risk losing points.

The team has been testing a range of designs and ideas and is very pleased with the results to date. Their goal is to achieve a time of less than one second for the car to travel down the track. Only a handful of teams around the world have broken the one second barrier and that is the target the team has in their sights this year.

Brian Boyd outstanding performance by FAST PAYCE RACING team

Brian Boyd said PAYCE was pleased to be associated with the competition and had enjoyed sharing the team's successful journey to date through elimination stages of the championship.

"The four boys form a very formidable team and we are excited for them to have progressed to the national titles as a result of their hard work and the long hours they have put in, both in and out of school hours," noted Mr Boyd.

"Their performance in the state finals was outstanding and to have won 12 of the 14 award categories was quite amazing.

"We admire the team's hard work and dedication, along with their creative and innovative skills," concluded Mr Boyd.

The F1 in Schools Challenge

The F1 in Schools Challenge is an international competition open to high school students around the world, in which teams design and build a small scale F1 racing car from a block of balsa wood, using a sophisticated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router designed for the competition. The teams also use a 3D printer to produce parts such as spoilers and wings to fine tune their design.

The CO2 gas cylinder powered cars can reach speeds up to 80 kilometres an hour and are timed to one-thousandth of a second as they travel side-by-side along a 20 metre twin-lane track.

Engadine High School teams have had great successes in the F1 in Schools Challenge in recent years, with wins in the state and national titles in 2012 and 2013 and the regional titles for the past three years. As winners of the two national titles, they went on to compete in the World Titles in Abu Dhabi (2012) and Texas (2013) where they placed fourth and fifth respectively against 40 teams from around the world.


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