Local Community enjoy day of traditional events as PAYCE celebrates the Chinese New Year.

To welcome the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Monkey – The local community turned out in force to enjoy a day of traditional events on Monday 8th February at the Riverwood Community Centre.

Canterbury Harmony Group hosted the celebration, where those in attendance enjoyed music and performances, and tried their luck with raffle and lucky door prizes. A traditional lunch was served, before those guests born during the year of the monkey received special gifts.

Welcome to all the Riverwood Community

The Member for Lakemba, Mr Jihab Dib and Deputy Mayor of Canterbury, Councillor Karl Saleh welcomed guest to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

"This isn't only a day of celebration for the local Chinese people, but a fantastic day for the entire community," said Mr Saleh. "It is a great day which brings together people from different backgrounds to help celebrate the New Year."

The Riverwood Community Centre

The Riverwood Community Centre is a multi-purpose building which provides a home for 14 community programs and services, such as Riverwood family support, Future Focus, Riverwood Youth Service and the Housing and Communities Assistance Program.

Traditional Entertainment

The event featured traditional entertainment, such as displays of the Chinese dances of Uyghur and Shuixiu. This was accompanied by a ballroom dancing display from a local troupe, Riverwood Chinese Dancing Group, and live performances played with a guzheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. Another tradition involved red envelopes containing money being raffled off and given to lucky winners.

PAYCE thrilled to sponsor New Year Celebrations - Brian Boyd.

Mr Brian Boyd – Managing Director of PAYCE is proud to participate as a gold sponsor of lunar festivities, which are designed to showcase the cultural diversity of the community, for the last four years.

"It has become an Australian tradition for communities to mark the coming of the Lunar New Year," noted Mr Boyd.

"I am thrilled that PAYCE is once again part of the New Year celebrations alongside Riverwood Chinese Dancing Group and the Canterbury Harmony Group," remarked Mr Boyd.

"It is a great opportunity for friends and family to come out and celebrate with the rest of the Riverwood community." said Mr Brian Boyd approving.

Cultural diversity enriches community - Dominic Sullivan

Dominic Sullivan, General Manager at PAYCE, said that Chinese New Year celebrations were another way in which the local community came together to share in the culture and traditions of other nations.

"The people of Riverwood have once again embraced the cultural diversity of their local community. They have always displayed support for the different cultural events that happen every year", he said.

"I want to extend PAYCE's warm wishes for good fortune, good health, and longevity this Lunar New Year," added Mr Brian Boyd.

A Cheeky Monkey

The communities of greater Canterbury and Riverwood contain a large number of families with Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese backgrounds who are now looking forward to a prosperous Year of the Monkey.

The monkey's characteristics include curiosity, cheekiness and playfulness. 2016 is also the year of fire, making it the 'year of the fire monkey'. Traditionally this signals the time to act, create and innovate.


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The Chinese Zodiac calendar

The Chinese Zodiac is a cycle of 12 years, with each year represented by an animal. Alongside the monkey are the tiger, rat, dragon, snake, ox, horse, rooster, dog, goat, and pig. Each of the animals has certain attributes which are used to forecast the fortune of those born under certain signs, in areas such as love, money and happiness.

People born during the Year of the Monkey have the lucky numbers 4 and 9 and their lucky colours are white, gold, and blue.


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