• Riverwood, Sydney NSW.

A Wonderful Community Event - Brian Boyd - PAYCE

Food and Drink Sales Deliver Relief for Victims of the Fiji Cyclone.

PAYCE and Brian Boyd join The Residents Organisation (ROAR)in hosting the third annual Music in the Wetlands event for the community of Riverwood.

Crowds Enjoy Autumn Sunshine and Song

The Residents Organisation (ROAR) has hosted the third annual Music in the Wetlands event for the community of Riverwood. The crowds of families and friends in attendance enjoyed a wide range of different musical acts in the autumn sunshine.

Music from Around the Globe Helps Appeal - Brian Boyd

The event began with a rendition of the National Anthem, which was sung by pupils from the local Riverwood Public School.

This was followed by a performance by the Riverwood Community Choir, who looked as good as they sounded, thanks to outfits which were donated by PAYCE as part of the company's ongoing support of the local choral group.

Other highlights of the day included a wide variety of music from around the globe, which was prepared by Bill Manivilovsku and performed by Robert Howard, a member of local band 'The Pacific Sunsets', and a performance on harmonica by a resident of Riverwood, Ron Smith, who recently joined the Riverwood Community Choir.

The audience was kept fed and watered throughout the day by stalls manned by volunteers from ROAR which sold coffee, cake and hot dogs. The money raised from the sale of food and drink will be donated to the Fiji Cyclone Appeal.

The Crowd Singing and Dancing Along to the Performances is Just Great - Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd, PAYCE's Managing Director, expressed how happy he was that the company was once again supporting and sponsoring the Music in the Wetlands event.

"People of every generation attend the Music in the Wetlands event, and every year everyone who comes has a fantastic time. To see the crowd singing and dancing along to the performances is just great," said Brian Boyd.

"Everyone involved with organising and performing at the event deserves our thanks for the amazing contribution they make to what is a wonderful community event. I would particularly like to thank everyone from the Riverwood Community Choir", Brian Boyd continued.

Community Spirit Alive and Well - Brian Boyd

Janeen Horne, a resident of Riverwood who received a Citizen of the Year Award in 2015 from Canterbury City Council for her vital work raising awareness of disability issues, is a founding member of the Community Choir. She expressed her gratitude for the community spirit displayed during the day.

"We were blessed with a beautiful autumn day and the chance to perform with other members of the Riverwood community for the rest of the local residents." she said.

Riverwood Community Choir in Fine Voice - Brian Boyd

The Riverwood Community Choir, which now has over 30 members, began life last year with 5 members from local social housing projects. Since then, the choir has performed at the Christmas Carol in the Wetlands event, and the Riverwood Autumn Fair.

The event was once again supported by leading property developer PAYCE. Neale Owen, the chairman of ROAR, thanked PAYCE for their continued support of this and other community events during the past 12 months.

Coaching and Mentoring from James Paul is Fantastic - Brian Boyd

The rapid growth of the choir was assisted by coaching and mentoring from leading choirmaster James Paul, who was introduced to the community choir by PAYCE. The choir practices with James every Tuesday in Washington Park.

"It's been absolutely great to watch the growth of both the choir as a group and of each individual within it," James Paul said.

A Stronger Community Through Music - Dominic Sullivan

Dominic Sullivan, PAYCE's General Manager, expressed his pride in all that the Riverwood Community Choir had achieved.

"The Riverwood Community Choir brings people together who have an interest in singing and music, no matter what their age, gender or background is. It is a great example of a group which helps to connect people, making the community stronger and more vibrant," Dominic Sullivan said.

Autumn Sunshine and Musical Entertainment Brings People Together - Brian Boyd

"PAYCE has a very close relationship with the Community Choir, and Music in the Wetlands gave them another chance to perform to the public from their ever increasing repertoire of songs," said Brian Boyd.

"The community enjoys these events which bring people together to have fun and celebrate the diverse make up of the local area, with events being held either here in the Wetlands or at the PAYCE Washington Park housing development,"continued Mr. Boyd

"It is fantastic to see groups of family and friends out in this great location, enjoying both the autumn sunshine and the musical entertainment", finished Brian Boyd.


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