• Sutherland Shire, Sydney NSW.

$90,000 pledge for The Hills Women's Shelter by Leading Property Development Firm PAYCE

Relief for victims of domestic violence.

PAYCE, Australia's top property investment and development firm, has committed to providing $30,000 per annum for the next 3 years in support of The Sanctuary, The Hills Women's Shelter, a new refuge for women in the Hills Shire Council district.

PAYCE ongoing support for a vital cause

"At PAYCE, we're proud to be associated with The Hills Women's Shelter which is offering such important services for the families of The Hills", said Managing Director Brian Boyd.

"We're looking forward to continuing our relationship with The Sanctuary in the future".

Emergency accommodation for victims of domestic violence.

The Sanctuary, The Hills Women's Shelter, is one of the latest refuges in the Women's Community Shelters (WCS) network; a prominent charity organisation dedicated to providing safe emergency accommodation for women all across New South Wales.

WCS works in collaboration with local communities and councils to offer a wide range of vital support services for vulnerable women and their families.

"There has been an incredible response from the local community, and from nearby businesses, which have played a significant role in helping the shelter to get off to such a strong start", said Mr Boyd.

Essential funding for essential services

PAYCE's pledge is expected to go a long way in helping to ensure that shelters such as The Sanctuary, and other safe houses within the extensive WCS network, will continue to receive essential funding so that they can continue to help homeless women, and victims of domestic violence, to rebuild their self esteem and confidence, and make a fresh start within a secure, friendly, and supportive environment.

That local support from PAYCE and other businesses have been so forthcoming has been great news for The Sanctuary.

"Providing specialised services can be costly", explained Mr Boyd.

"It's been great news that the shelter has received the financial assistance it has from so many generous donors and volunteers".

Greater support and advice for vulnerable women and their families living in The Hills district has been a priority for some time.

A Need for Dedicated Services

"There is already a long list of women wanting to know more about the services offered by The Sanctuary, even though the shelter has only recently been established", noted Mr Boyd.

These specialised, dedicated services are not only designed to support vulnerable women, but it is also hoped that this assistance can be extended to their families.

"It's not only the women involved in these terrible situations who need safe accommodation, but their children, too" concluded Mr Brian Boyd.

Publicity for The Sanctuary

The first $30,000 pledge has already been received by The Sanctuary, following a meeting to discuss the important work that has already been undertaken by The Hills Women's Shelter.

In attendance were PAYCE Managing Director Dominic Sullivan, Women's Community Shelters Chief Executive Officer Annabelle Daniel, and The Sanctuary board member Cr Raymond Harty.

"Together, we've been working to ensure that women residing in The Hills district know about The Sanctuary, and know they can turn to the shelter for help, assistance, and support - for themselves and for their children" stated Mr Sullivan.

Help for Local Causes

This is not the first time PAYCE have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to supporting women, children, and families in need within the local district. Along with pledging $30,000 per year over the next 3 years to The Sanctuary, The Hills Women's Shelter, PAYCE, along with other local companies, have been working hard to raise funds to help other important causes, such as Sutherland Shire Family Services (SSFS) who offer a wide range of programs to assist and support victims of domestic violence.

The latest SSFS campaign, 'Pull Ya Head In', has been designed to make men more aware of the frequency of domestic violence, and provides important insight into how they can help do their part to protect the victims of these terrible situations. The new campaign video calls upon men to speak up, and call out a friend, a neighbour, a family member, or a workmate who is acting abusively towards a partner.

It's a campaign that PAYCE, and other businesses, are proud to be supporting, helping to ensure that essential services such as those offered by The Sanctuary and SSFS can continue to be provided in Australia.


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