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Red Shield Appeal Aims to Raise $8 Million

Leading property development company PAYCE has announced that it will once again donate to the 2016 Ipswich Red Shield Appeal, pledging $10,000.

During the fundraising weekend which takes place on 28-29 May, volunteers will be knocking on doors across the city to raise cash for the appeal, as well as collecting money at local sporting events and shopping centres.

The Red Shield Appeal

The Red Shield Appeal began in 1965 and is the Salvation Army's biggest annual fundraiser. Every year the Salvation Army appeals to Australians across the country to donate their time and money to help provide hope to those most in need.

An Honour and a Privilege

Brian Boyd, PAYCE's Managing Director, said he was proud that the company was able to help such a great cause and assist the Salvation Army with its fund raising activities.

"Of course, the Salvation Army's record for assisting those who are experiencing difficulties in the community, right across Australia is legendary," noted Mr Boyd.

"It is a great honour and privilege for us all at PAYCE to have an opportunity to work with an organisation that does such important work, helping to improve the lives of people of all ages," said Brian Boyd.

"The Red Shield of the Salvation Army is recognised across the country. Anyone who needs help knows that the Salvation Army is there to assist and can swiftly respond to any calls for help".

"PAYCE have contributed donations to the Ipswich Red Shield Appeal for the past few years so we understand how vital the work that they do is for our community. The Salvation Army provide a wide range of services and every year the community of Ipswich show such wonderful generosity, in terms of their time and monetary donations contributed by people, lending support to the appeal," concluded Mr Brian Boyd.

Helping Others

Salvation Army Major Bruce Harmer, said, in this affluent society, it was shocking to see so many families experiencing tough times, and that by taking part in Australia's biggest door knock appeal, people can give ordinary Aussies a special chance to be part of a bigger and more powerful mission - helping others.

"To make the Red Shield Appeal a success, we need support from many thousands of people from across Australia. We need local people to become givers of hope within their own communities. " said Major Harmer.

Calling 60,000 Volunteers ...

During the 2016 appeal, the Salvation Army aims to mobilise over 60,000 volunteers across Australia to bring help and hope to the places it is most needed.

The funds raised during this years appeal will enable the Salvation Army to supply vital services to assist the homeless, families who are in crisis, as well as providing education for at-risk young people, and support for the recovery of those who are battling drug and alcohol addictions.

The target for this year's Doorknock Appeal is $8 million, as every week, the Salvation Army supplies 100,000 meals and 8,000 food vouchers to those in need, 2,000 beds to support the homeless, and provides a place of refuge for many victims of abuse.

Public Support for the Salvation Army

Major Harmer said that it would be impossible for the Salvation Army to provide these vital services without the generous support of the great Australian public and the corporate sector.

"Every member of the Salvation Army is extremely thankful to the Australian people for their enormous contribution and continued support for our work, which helps us to bring hope to those truly in need", he added.

PAYCE support social equity

The property development company PAYCE was founded in 1978. It has decades of experience of creating beautiful and functional communities via the process of innovative urban renewal.

The company has earned a reputation for transforming areas by building integrated commercial, retail and residential developments. PAYCE is a company which is fully committed to social equity and providing assistance to those who are disadvantaged. It does this by providing resources and sponsorship to organisations such as the Salvation Army, as well as supporting a range of other local community initiatives.


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