Affordable Housing Coference NSW Community Housing Provider Awards

  • PAYCE HEad Office, Sydney NSW. PAYCE Head Office 2016-07-29

Evolve Housing and Pacific Link Housing win PAYCE Sponsored Community Housing Provider of the Year 2016.

At the Affordable Housing Conference Held in Sydney, for recognition of excellent work, Evolve Housing and Pacific Link Housing have won the NSW Community Housing Provider of the Year Award.

The prize was awarded this week at the annual Affordable Housing Conference which was held at the Sydney Masonic Centre.

Affordable housing Excellence

The NSW Community Housing Provider of the Year Award is designed to recognise, reward and encourage community housing providers who display excellence in areas such as service to tenants; development of affordable or social housing; community engagement, and tenancy and property management.

PAYCE Support for affordable housing – Mr Brian Boyd

This category of the award ceremony was sponsored by PAYCE, a premier Australian property development company, who also provided platinum sponsorship for the Affordable Housing Conference. The question which formed the theme of the 2016 conference was 'What would it take to create 100,000 new affordable homes in NSW?' The first day of the conference featured keynote speeches from two MPs, Alex Hawke and Robert Stokes, with day two featuring keynote presentations from Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick from Heriot-Watt University, and Piers Williamson from The Housing Finance Corporation.

Congratulations in order ...

Brian Boyd, Managing Director at PAYCE, offered his congratulations and best wishes to Evolve Housing and Pacific Link Housing for winning the award.

"Both of these organisations can be extremely proud of what they have achieved over the past 12 months in the management and delivery of social and affordable housing, which have no doubt caught the attention of, and impressed, the judges," noted Mr Boyd.

Shared Values and Vision – Mr Brian Boyd

"Both Evolve Housing and PAYCE share a lot of the same values and vision. We both want to create exciting and cohesive communities in which the local people can connect with each other while enjoying the wonderful surroundings and modern facilities," Mr Boyd said.

The Latest PAYCE development at Harts Landing ...

Mr Brian Boyd went on to explain how PAYCE and Evolve Housing are currently working together to develop a mixed tenure residential development at Harts Landing in Penrith, Western Sydney. The development will feature a mix of private, social and affordable housing units.

"The development at Harts Landing includes 134 affordable and social housing apartments, and 134 private apartments which are located near the Penrith central business district," said Mr Brian Boyd.

Mr Boyd said that PAYCE was extremely pleased to be working with Evolve Housing on this vital project, which aims to increase the level of affordable housing which is available tp people in Penrith.

"The staff at Evolve Housing are professional people who have a lot of empathy with, and understanding of their clients. They are completely dedicated to every project they undertake", Boyd explained.

An Exciting and Vibrant Development

The Harts Landing development will enable the growth of an exciting and vibrant community which is also part of a contemporary urban hub, creating a space where residents can easily commute into city centre Sydney, while also enjoying a tranquil zone in which they can relax with friends and family.

The one- and two-bed apartments will be spread between two buildings, both of which will include private outdoor spaces, such as a lush secret garden and BBQ area which residents can use on hot summer days for alfresco fun.

Increased Levels of Affordable Housing

PAYCE General Manager, Dominic Sullivan, expressed his delight that PAYCE was working with Evolve Housing in order to design and construct the Harts Landing Development:

"PAYCE is excited to be working in partnership with the team at Evolve Housing, a leading Community Housing Provider in New South Wales. The Harts Landing development will help to increase the levels of affordable housing in the Greater Western Sydney area."

William Hart, Aviation Pioneer

Harts Landing is named after William Ewart Hart, a former local resident who grew up in the Penrith area. Although his profession was a community dentist, in 1911 Hart became one of Australia's aviation pioneers when he became the first person to qualify as a pilot after he had purchased a Bristol Boxkite aircraft. He went on to complete the first cross-country flight in New South Wales, covering a distance of 76km between the location of the current housing development and Sydney.



Founded in 1978, PAYCE has many years of experience in using a process of urban renewal and innovation to design and create communities which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The company has built up a reputation for building properties which integrate retail, residential and commercial developments within one area, transforming the way people use spaces to interact with the environment and each other. PAYCE is 100% committed to social equity and demonstrates this by providing sponsorship and other resources to industry initiatives, awards and local community groups.

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