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Former Olympian Jane Flemming offers some tips to this year's PAYCE S2S competitors

Jane Flemming, dual Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist, will be a special guest at the event again this year, Jane offers some tips to competitors preparing for the event to be held on Sunday, 24 July.

Ms Flemming said she was very pleased to be invited back to the event by PAYCE and Wanda Surf Life Saving Club and was looking forward to meeting and congratulating all the winners on the day.

Jane is one of Australia's best known sporting personalities – Brian Boyd.

Jane is one of Australia's best known sporting personalities. During her sporting career she has represented Australia at the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988 and again in Barcelona in 1992.

She also competed at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1986, Auckland in 1990 and in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1994.

She won two Gold Medals and two Silver Medals at Commonwealth Games and collected 13 national titles over her 15 years as an elite Australian athlete.

Last year, Jane was on hand at the start point at Sutherland to encourage and warm up competitors before they set out on their 11 kilometre journey. Event organisers, Wanda Surf Life Saving Club and the event's primary sponsor, PAYCE, have confirmed that the former Olympian will be at the finish at Wanda to present prizes to the winners and medallions to all finishers.

PAYCE are proud to be the principal naming sponsor of Sutherland 2 Surf – Brian Boyd.

PAYCE's Managing Director, Brian Boyd said his company had supported the event for several years and was pleased to be the principal naming sponsor this year.

"The event, noted to be one of the best events of its type, is an important fundraiser for Wanda Surf Life Saving Club and for a number of other very deserving organisations.

"Not only do the charities benefit, but everyone who enters is assured of a fun day out with families and friends," said Mr Brian Boyd.

"Sutherland 2 Surf is extremely popular with the local community, who turn out in great numbers to support all the charities involved and help make the day a great success," stated Mr Boyd.

"I am also pleased we could have Jane along again as she is a wonderful ambassador for healthy living and great supporter of charities," remarked Boyd.

PAYCE support healthy living – Brian Boyd.

"Live Life Get Active currently conducts six free physical activity camps across the Shire throughout the year, including the PAYCE sponsored camp at Kareela and others at Cronulla, Kurnell, Menai and two at Miranda.

"People the Shire are very fitness conscious and we've seen a huge increase in numbers in our free camps since the first one started in 2014. We now have over 2,000 members enrolled across the Shire and many of them will be participating in the PAYCE Sutherland 2 Surf this year," Jane said.

Ms Flemming, a director of Live Life Get Active, said trainers from the local LLGA camps in the Shire would also be on hand prior to the start to conduct warm up exercises for anyone who wanted to join in with their members.

Jane Flemming is a wonderful ambassador for healthy living – Brian Boyd.

To make the experience most enjoyable, Jane has offered the following tips:

"No matter what your level of fitness or skill, to get the most out of the event, it is best to do some preparation and training some weeks out before you tackle the course, as well as some exercises before and after the event," she said.

"Before starting exercises or a running or walking session, always warm up your muscles and get the blood flowing for around five minutes. It's also important to vary the distances of each session and to take some rest periods, either a complete stop, a slow jog or walk, depending on whether you are at beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness and skill level.

"A cooling down period of around five to ten minutes towards the end of a session will help bring your body temperature and heart rate back down before finishing with some stretches to gain some flexibility benefits.

"Nutrition and hydration are both important, so eat healthy foods in the lead up to the event and stay well hydrated through training and throughout the event by topping up your bottle at the drink stations or pausing to take regular sips along the way.

"On the day, arrive early at the start if you can so you are relaxed and not rushed. Do some warm up exercises and check out the start and where you would be best positioned, remembering it can get hectic at the front for a while with the advanced level runners jockeying for position."

Sutherland 2 Surf is one of the most popular health and fitness events of the year – Brian Boyd.

"On behalf of PAYCE, I wish all the competitors a good run or walk, whether they are competing individually or as part of a team," said Brian Boyd.

The route takes competitors from Sutherland through the Shire suburbs of Gymea, Kirrawee, Miranda, Caringbah and finishes at the Don Lucas Reserve next to Wanda Beach. The PAYCE Sutherland 2 Surf is on Sunday, 24 July and starts at 8.00am.


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