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Club to Receive $60,000 Over Three Years in a Sponsorship that will fund a New Club House Roof.

PAYCE, a leading property and investment company, and the Burraneer Rugby Club have agreed on a sponsorship deal worth $60,000 over three years.

With the Burraneer Rigby Club to receive its first payment during the Big Breakfast at the Minis' Gala Day, the club hopes to use a part of the sponsorship money in order to replace the roof of the clubhouse. Some of the money will also be used in order to cover the cost of the kit and registration of new members from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A Community Club - Mr Brian Boyd.

Brian Boyd, PAYCE's Managing Director, expressed how pleased he was that PAYCE was able to support such a great community club.

"This club provides some great opportunities for people of all ages to join in with the fun and the camaraderie of the club, and enjoy a good game of rugby."

A Significant Contribution to the Burra Rigby Club.

Dave Waugh, President of the Burraneer Rugby Club, explained that the sponsorship from PAYCE was one of the most significant contributions made to the club.

"Everyone involved with the club is absolutely chuffed with this very kind gesture from PAYCE. Not only does this secure the financial security of the club, it also allows us to look to the future," he said.

Enthusiastic and Professional.

Dominic Sullivan, PAYCE Director, expressed how happy he was with the sponsorship deal.

"Everyone at PAYCE is pleased that we are able to contribute to ensuring that this fantastic club remains one of the strongest teams in junior rugby in NSW, and has a healthy future as one of the most popular sporting organisations in the Shire."

"The club is run by an enthusiastic and professional group of officials with fantastic support from the club's loyal supporters and the rest of the local community," he said.

Long Term Support for the Burraneer Rigby Club.

"PAYCE is extremely well respected across the entire Shire. It has provided great support to many community and charity based events over the years. The club is very fortunate that they have agreed to support and sponsor us on a longer-term basis. It creates a vast range of opportunities that will help us to develop junior rugby in the Shire, and enable us to create much improved playing facilities at our home ground," Mr Waugh said.

Father and Son' Under 14s' Fiji tour.

This is not the first time that PAYCE have assisted the club. Last year the club experienced a shortfall in the amount of money raised to fund the Father and Son Under 14s' Fiji tour. PAYCE stepped in and offered a substantial donation which ensures that the tour went ahead. The donation was also used to supply underprivileged schools in Fiji with two complete sets of rugby kits and laptop computers. Plans for this year's tour are well underway and the club is currently on target with its fundraising goal.

"The annual Fiji tour provides a fantastic opportunity for hard working dads to spend some time with their sons, while also having the chance to experience life in another country", Mr Boyd said.

Undefeated in the Youth Seven Series.

The club enjoyed recent success, with the Burraneer under-14s Girls Seven team finishing the season undefeated, winning their age group premiership in the NSW Youth Sevens Series.

Mr Waugh explained how the club hopes to sow the seeds of greater success as its members grow and develop.

The Future of Olympic Success.

"Interest and participation in women's rugby has never been higher, and I am sure it will be boosted further by the gold medal that the women of the Australian Rugby Sevens team are bringing home from the Rio Olympics. We want to create opportunities for girls from the local community to enjoy their rugby – and wherever it might lead", he said.

"Who knows what will happen, we may well have a future Olympic gold medal winner player at the club who is currently on the way to representing Australia as part of a national team", suggested Mr Waugh.

New Members Welcome.

"Five of the girls who currently play for the club have been selected to be part of the New South Wales Sevens Development team, and we are always very pleased to welcome new players if they wish to get involved with the club", Mr Waugh said.

The Burraneer rugby club was formed in 1955 by local businessman Frank Blake, who wanted to promote junior rugby in the Cronulla-Caringbah area. The club currently has over 350 players registered and is family friendly, having members of all ages and abilities, with the youngest player aged just 4 years old and the oldest aged 64.

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