At the inaugural performance of the Riverwood Community Choir surprise guests draw crowd.

On Friday, 11 December, an exciting program of local talent and special guests at the annual Carols in the Wetlands event in Riverwood's Salt Pan Creek Reserve, is expected to attract a record crowd.

This year there will be a number of surprise guest appearances performing with the Riverwood Community Choir, after last year's event attracted over 500 families and friend expectations of record crowds runs high.

Brian Boyd joins with community partners for Annual Event

Brian Boyd, PAYCE's Managing Director said PAYCE was very enthusiastic in joining with its many community partners in bringing the annual Riverwood Community Choir event to the community and surrounding districts for the fifth year running.

"With more residents now settled into their new Washington Park apartments during the year, our Washington Park residential project in Riverwood North has opened the door to many opportunities for local people to build a stronger community. I'm sure many will welcome the opportunity to join in and celebrate the festive season," said Brian Boyd.

"We are so encouraged to see the community spirit in Riverwood continue to grow from strength to strength. We are now in our fifth year and the event has continues to be a resounding success, growing in attendance year by year."

Dominic Sullivan – Bigger and better each year.

General Manager of PAYCE, Mr Dominic Sullivan noted that each year the Carols get bigger and better.

"The people of Riverwood demonstrate a great sense of community spirit all through the year and Riverwood Christmas Carols is eagerly anticipated as an occasion for us all to get together in the spirit of Christmas and finish off the year on a high note.

"It's so gratifying to see so many families and friends coming together as a community and enjoying themselves and good company in such a unique setting," he said.

"PAYCE was a founding sponsor when the Riverwood Community Choir was first held and it has been a great honour to provide support each year and see it grow and become a traditional part of this community," said Mr Sullivan.

Wetlands ring with the songs of Christmas.

Once again, the Carols in the Wetlands will be hosted by the former NSW Premier, the Hon Morris Lemma, a strong supporter of local community events.

The 2015 Carols in the Wetlands is supported by PAYCE, Canterbury City Council, YMCA, Club Rivers and the Riverwood Community Centre.

Also performing two songs on the program will be locally renowned resident and avid supporter of the Carols, Janeen Horne. Ms Horne won Canterbury City Council's 2015 Citizen of the Year Award for many years of outstanding community service including raising community awareness around disability issues.

Performances by students from Riverwood Public School and Hannans Road Public School support the very first appearance of the newly formed Riverwood Community Choir, who have been working hard in a number of workshops and rehearsals with well-known choirmaster, James Paul. James Paul is best known for his involvement with the Sydney Street Choir who are also scheduled to make special guest appearances on the night.

And of course, the evening could not be complete without a special visit from the merry man in the big red suit, arriving as he does every year to join in the Christmas celebrations.

PAYCE's ongoing commitment to social equity.

PAYCE is firmly committed to social equity and for many years, PAYCE has helped to provide support to those in society, disadvantaged by circumstances, particularly at this time of year. PAYCE works alongside respected not-for-profit organisations and groups supporting the good work and services being delivered by volunteer helpers and organisations, helping to provide much needed resources while moving towards hopeful futures for those in need.

PAYCE currently works in partnership with the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, Matthew Talbot Hostel, Adele, St Merkarious Charity and Windgap foundation. PAYCE recently formed a Foundation Partnership with the renowned Sydney Street Choir, a music program for homeless people who have been living on the streets of Sydney. Financial and corporate support for the Sydney Street Choir is ongoing over the next three years and attempts to bring direction and something of a future to the lives of people who have lost much in the way of hope.


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