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PAYCE 2020 Accolades - Apartment Developer wins in The World Design Awards

PAYCE Managing Director and Apartment Developer in Sydney Brian Boyd discusses The World Design Awards for 2020 where PAYCE project Melrose Park receives award.

Apartment Developer Brian Boyd Offers Congratulations to Melrose Park in The World Design Awards 2020

PAYCE and Sekisui House, partners on the Melrose Park development, celebrated winning the award by thanking all those involved in bringing the project to fruition. "As a company driven by the concept of delivering exceptional living standards to every apartment development in Sydney, PAYCE brings a strong team effort to every project," Brian Boyd said.

An apartment developer of note, Brian Boyd brings a unique perspective to Sydney apartments which can be seen in every PAYCE project. "At PAYCE we understand the importance of bridging community areas and green spaces with apartment living to ensure our clients in Sydney achieve a positive, clean and healthy lifestyle," Brian Boyd offered.

The whole Melrose Park precinct was planned meticulously around sustainable living, being a top priority of apartment purchasers in this age.

Architecture Excellence Inherent in Melrose Park Apartments – Brian Boyd

When holding initial discussions with architects Allen Jack + Cottier, it became clear all parties wanted to create a stunning masterpiece and achieve architecture excellence with the Melrose Park apartment development. "The brief for the design was one of realising a truly unique result at Melrose Park," notes Brian Boyd.

The apartment developer recognised the opportunity to bring striking, contemporary design elements to the project while incorporating the green credentials attached to every PAYCE development. "I believe the aim of every apartment developer in this age is to create vibrant, connected communities where lifestyle and quality are at the fore," Mr. Boyd continued. "With Melrose Park, we have consolidated our vast experience and drawn on relationships with exceptional partners to create what we believe to be the best apartment development in Sydney today."

Melrose Park has Seen High Inquiry and Off Plan Sales in 2020 - Brian Boyd - Apartment Developer

The Melrose Park apartments in Sydney are a true success story with early releases sold out in record time. The latest release is fielding excellent inquiries with off the plan sales still peaking for the range of apartments. Sydney real estate company, Boston Marketing, are partners in the sales of the Melrose Park apartments with PAYCE and report very high interest in the off the plan apartment opportunities available.

We know this latest release from PAYCE, an apartment developer of the highest distinction, will resonate with buyers of all types in the Sydney apartment market.

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PAYCE and Brian Boyd - Apartments in Sydney

PAYCE and Brian Boyd are synonymous with quality apartments in Sydney. An apartment developer with decades of experience and accolades, Brian Boyd has delivered some of Sydney's most sustainable apartment projects over the past fifteen years.

An avid proponent of sustainable living, Mr. Boyd and his team start with a foundation of balancing green spaces, commercial access and public transport hubs with the apartment buildings. This approach has seen all PAYCE apartment developments become vibrant communities in their own right, often representing a new suburb in Sydney when completed.

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About PAYCE - Apartment Developer in Sydney

Founded in 1978, PAYCE has many years of experience in using a process of urban renewal and innovation to design and create communities which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The company has built up a reputation for building apartment developments and commercial precincts which integrate retail, residential and commercial developments within one area, transforming the way people use spaces to interact with the environment and each other. PAYCE is 100% committed to social equity and demonstrates this by providing sponsorship and other resources to industry initiatives, awards and local community groups.

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