BRIAN BOYD : PAYCE Congratulates First Washington Park Youth Café Graduates.

A PAYCE initiative at Riverwood's residential precinct, Washington Park, aimed at training local youths with on-the-job experience in the hospitality field has seen the first two trainees from the Kickstart Youth Café successfully complete their courses.

The Course completion opens future employment opportunities for the graduate in the Hospitality industry.

The Kickstart Courses comprehensively cover the Hospitality industry, including the all important RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) and the RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) certificates.

The RSA (Responsible Serving of Alcohol) and the RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) certificates are essential to work in venues that sell or serve alcohol and have gambling facilities on site, observed Mr Boyd.

Dominic Sullivan - congratulates students on successful training and career skills at the graduation ceremony.

At a graduation ceremony in PAYCE headquarters, PAYCE General Manager, Dominic Sullivan presented Samantha Terepai and Anthony Box with their Certificate 111 in Hospitality Operations.

The trainees also successfully completed their RSA and RCG training courses and a barista course at the Australian Barista School, as well as receiving mentoring with CV writing to assist with applying for jobs outside the café.

Mr Sullivan congratulated Samantha and Anthony and said all their hard work and dedication on the job had paid off with new skills acquired and more job opportunities open to them in the workforce.

"I had the pleasure of visiting the café with Canterbury City Council Mayor, Brian Robson and received first-class service and most importantly, a great coffee," he said.

PAYCE initiatives bringing community support to small business training opportunities.

Mr Sullivan said the ongoing construction activity on PAYCE projects at Washington Park and the influx of new residents was the catalyst for the training initiative. The café's clientele includes construction workers, as well as local residents and tenants of Washington Park.

"It meant a not-for-profit business offering fresh food and coffee was viable in the grounds of Washington Park and presented an opportunity to provide a great training ground for local youths who aspire to a career in the various fields of hospitality.

The Certificate 111 course is quite comprehensive and covers a suite of skills needed to work in the hospitality industry. Participants learn everything from setting tables, to taking orders, making coffee, serving food and drinks and processing bills.

Two other local youths were recently selected for the training course and are currently receiving on-the-job training and experience at the cafe, with a view to graduating later in the year.

Brian Boyd : Local workers support hospitality trainees ...

PAYCE Managing Director, Brian Boyd said he was delighted to see the café project working successfully.

"My congratulations to both Samantha and Anthony on the successful completion of their courses and I wish them well in the future," he said.
"I also want to thank the café's chef, Matthew Peek for the great job he did in mentoring his trainees and imparting his knowledge to them.

"Being a not-for-profit enterprise meant more time could be spent with the trainees than would have been the case with a busy commercial business," he said.

"With the support of local construction workers and local residents through their patronage, the café has been able to open all weekdays and give the trainees the experience and training they needed to achieve their goals.

"Both graduates now have the necessary range of skills and credentials on board to give them the edge when competing for employment in the hospitality industry," Brian Boyd said.


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